Fresh Watermelon-Vodka Martini

i lifted this image from someone's blog.

Fresh Watermelon-Vodka Martini
Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Yield: 2 servings

Soundtrack: “Watermelon Man” by Herbie Hancock from Head Hunters

Before you start prepping your ingredients:

  • Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Top it with cold water, and place in a freezer.

  • Rinse two martini glasses and immediately place them in a freezer.

1/2 oz fresh lime juice
1/2 oz fresh orange juice
1/2 oz blue agave nectar
3 oz vodka
4 oz fresh watermelon juice
Coarse sea salt
2 watermelon wedges, 2 inches long and 1/2 inch thick, with a horizontal notch cut into the red flesh to anchor it onto the rim of the glass

  • Remove cocktail shaker from the freezer, empty, and refill with fresh ice.

  • Combine the lime juice, orange juice, agave nectar, vodka, and watermelon juice in the chilled cocktail shaker. Vigorously shake ingredients until well chilled, about 30 seconds. Strain into a martini cocktail glass. Add a pinch of salt, garnish with a wedge of watermelon, and serve.

Note: get your watermelon juice by adding chunks of fresh watermelon to an upright blender, pulsing until smooth, and then straining to remove all solids.

Another Note: If you are using measuring spoons, 1 oz = 2 tablespoons.

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jidan said...

i don't drink AND this martini is the bomb! virgin is cool too. big up to austin and laura who helped to critique version 1.0 and indulge in the final treat. :) hot tub under moonlight rocks