the dream reborn conference

Green For All is bringing organizations and leaders from communities across the nation together to produce The Dream Reborn. This racially just, green gathering will celebrate the life of Dr. King and present positive solutions for social and environmental equity from today's generation of visionary leaders. Special emphasis will be placed on ecological solutions that can heal the Earth while bringing jobs, justice, wealth and health to ALL of our communities.

i'm going to be speaking at this historic conference in my hometown--memphis, tn. please join us.

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G Johnson said...

Hello Bryant,

This sounds like a fantastic conference. I am pleased with the attention nutrition is getting in the black community recently. Sounds like some great things are happening in the Oakland area these days. The name Black and Green caught my eye, because I have a blog titled "Black and Into Green". I would like to feature one of your sites on the blog. If okay, which would you prefer? The blog shares news, information, tips and observations on environmental health and going green from an African American perspective. www.blackandn2green.blogspot.com.