eco soul kitchen

about a week after my article "Reclaiming True Grits: Why Soul Food is Good for You" was published on TheRoot.com, msn.com picked it up and placed it on their front page for 24 hours. i awoke the next morning to find over 90 comments on my essay. a few days later, the editor of TheRoot.com informed me that they decided to give me a blog on the site.

"eco soul kitchen" will launch this monday. check TheRoot.com throughout the week to get recipes from my "Rebirth Brunch."

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Littleflame said...

Hey Terry :) I really enjoyed your story for The Root.

I canned some chicken stock and posted a picture on my blog. On a side note no matter how careful you are around a pressure canner you can never be too careful. I have a bad steam burn from lifting off the lid on my right fingers.