look mom & dad, i'm being productive

me doing my "when i say eat, you say grub" routine

800 people participating in my "when i say eat, you say grub" routine

i know, the first picture looks like i was just posing in front of that podium so that i would have some "proof" for my parents that i don't just sit in my house every day in my underwear reading pop culture blogs, watching you tube videos, and eating red hot blue chips while telling them that i'm writing and testing recipes. its actually a candid shot.

i was a plenary speaker at SARE's 20th anniversary conference on "Advancing the Frontier of Sustainable Agriculture" in kansas city, mo. i know, sounds like a snoozer. but on the whole, the conference was highly engaging. i learned a lot talking with farmers, gardeners, and educators working on health, food, and farming issues. and i made some great connections.

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