black and green blog is live

the black and green blog has officially launched. visit readblackandgreen.com to get some practical tips and tools for being "green" from me and some of my brillaint colleagues. and please spread the word.


Laura said...

I just read your article on msn.com about true soul food and grits. Fantastic! I came away knowledged. I finally learned, and really appreciated, you defining the term "soul food" . . . "The term "soul food" first emerged during the black liberation movement as African Americans named and reclaimed their diverse traditional foods. Clearly, the term was meant to celebrate and distinguish African American cooking from general Southern cooking, and not ghettoize it. . ." Amusing, yet so clear!

I came to live in Memphis, against my will, (my father retired from the military and was from Memphis) in the very early 60s and then again in 1970. Being of another race, (I am an "other", as in Japanese/Caucasian), I never faced racial tensions and awareness until I came here. (Life on an Army post is so extremely different than in the civilian world.) When I first heard the term "soul" food from my AA friends, I thought this was the same kind of food my white grandmother cooked, for the most part. Okay, so I know that my grandmother seasoned her foods differently than my AA friends' mothers seasoned their foods, and it was all good! But it was all the same foods, so the term was confusing. Until now with your definition.

I appreciate what you're doing, and I want to thank you for clearing up the difference between "southern" and "soul" foods!

p.s. I will be bookmarking your site, as you are truly an interesting person. Thanks!


G Johnson said...

Hello Bryant,

Congratulations on the launching of your newest site. I love the way you incorporated the beloved colors into the name.It looks like you have a dream team contributing as well.I know it will be successful. Just wanted to let you know that I posted a piece today about your Eat Grub site. I would also like to add one of your sites to my blog roll, do you want to stay with Eat Grub or go with your newest site?